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Whitetail Buck Hunts

Loma de Cometas Ranch offers Whitetail hunting packages where you will see many of our mature bucks in one sitting. The majority of our Whitetail bucks score in the 150’s and up and you will see trophy bucks over 200" B&C.  On your hunt you may also see Coyotes, Javelina, Hogs, Bobcats, Badgers, Oryx, Axis, Black Buck, Eland, Fallow, Pere David, Barasingha, Red Deer, Elk, Sika, and Zebra.

Our ranch has high quality and comfortable blinds. We also can hunt Safari style from one of our jeeps or custom hunting trucks.

This is a fully guided hunt, our guide will assist you in your hunt and judging the deer’s age and score to ensure the correct Whitetail Buck is harvested.

Whitetail Trophy Fee    
Spikes $400 (3 1/2 Years or older and guide approved)  
Less than 119"  $1,200.00  
120" - 129"  $1,500.00  
130" - 139"  $2,500.00  
140" - 149"  $3,500.00  
150" - 159" $4,500.00  
160" - 169" $5,500.00  
170" - 179" $6,500.00  
180" - 189" $7,500.00  
190" - 199" $8,500.00  
200" - 209" $9,500.00  
210" - 250" $10,000.00  
251" + $15,000.00  


Guide Gratuities not included, but are appreciated.

Non-Hunting guests are welcome to accompany the hunter for an additional $125 per night.

There is a 50% deposit required based on the hunt package you choose to reserve this hunt.

We are an MLD Ranch so our tags will be used on all whitetail deer, not yours.  However, you will still need a valid Texas Hunting license or out of state license to hunt. 

Any buck under 5 1/2 years old that is shot without a guide will be an additional $1,000 to the prices listed. 

Hunting Package includes:

  • 3 days / 2 nights Lodging
  • 1 Whitetail Doe included
  • Shooting of any Coyotes or Bobcats you see, and up to 2 Javelina
  • Field dressing of your kill
  • Mid-day catch and release fishing at one of our stocked ponds

Hunting Package Options:

  • Airport Transportation from Carrizo Springs private airport (No Charge)
  • Airport Transportation from San Antonio, TX ($200)
  • Skinning, Caping and quartering 
  • Meal Packages
  • Extra Night
  • Additional game hunting